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09 Feb

“He wasn’t really my type, but he became my type.” They eloped and got married on May 15, 2011.

They must be beautiful and, usually, between the ages of 24 and 45. But that’s the way it is.” The men she accepts are usually those who are in touch with their emotions. “I like them and respect them more if they do.” Bergquist doesn’t publicize the names of her clients because, she said, there is a stigma that goes with getting set up by a matchmaker. I look at them now, and I say I want that.” • • • She doesn’t have the kind of loving relationship she so desperately wants. Look for someone who wants to learn about life with you. You don’t buy your way into someone’s heart, but you may laugh your way there. For questions about the email Angie, your Orange County Coordinator or to register by phone call 562-841-5842.Are you looking for an accomplished matchmaking agency in Newport Beach or the surrounding Orange County area?They combine the traditional singles’ matchmaking with a touch of modern technique, to place them in the highest level of Newport Beach matchmakers.Their service has matched up thousands of couples who have gone on the have meaningful, long-lasting relationships - many of which lead to marriage.The professional matchmakers at Kelleher International seek to find matches for each and every one of our clients.We look past the façade and fleeting interests to find the special person underneath who you can truly get to know on a deep and personal level. We believe that our tailored approach is the reason why we create such long lasting relationships.She got her first job as a matchmaker with Elite Connections in 2012.“It was beautiful people jet-setting around the world,” she said.Kelleher International is led by a mother-daughter team: Jill Kelleher and Amber Kelleher-Andrews.These relationship experts have built Kelleher International into one the most respected and sought after dating services in the world.