Proper internet dating etiquette

12 Nov

No matter how much you share, you simply won't know if you like a person for more than a chat buddy if you don't meet in person.Typically a couple of emails and a phone call before a meet and greet, which lasts about 20-30 minutes to see if you want to make a future date to get together from there.if they don't say anything about meeting within the first month or so then sure, go ahead and ask. What Lady said for sure...I know for me personally, anyone that asks to meet before a minimal of a week of conversing..too quick!But that's just ME...cause I prefer to see if we intellectually connect before seeing if we chemically connect!also, depending upon other things as well, some scammers also do that.they pretty much know they're not going to get anything from you and with some of them being under fake profiles they have no intention on meeting you then they go poof!Just send a few emails, ask to meet for coffee someplace near her, if she says yes, then meet for 15-20 minutes max and go home.

why don't you wait to see if someone asks you about meeting.

"Can I take you out for lunch/coffee/drinks next weekend" Then again, maybe those girls just figured out that there weren't really interested.

In which case, you just keep trying, and don't expect every girl that you talk with to be interested in you.

Most guys that I have been emailing back and forth with will talk on the phone and decide to meet, but often when we seem to be connecting through emails, the likely question that comes out at the end of the email is..... I think that's a great way to go, to the point and not pushy.2 weeks.

If you don't meet within then, you're never going to meet.