Ps2 dating sim english

05 Sep

I did like the older guy element to it, but I do have a thing about seeing cute young women getting f*cked by older guys. If you're like me and you have a quirk for this sort of thing then it's worth it.

I hope Alex Project take this theme a stage or a couple of stages further.11/10. Lots of inflation/bote/childbirth game over scenes. Several different enemy types with their own animations and 2p animations. A lot of effort went into making this game and it shows.

I would highly recommend this game to anyone looking for an actual GAME with hentai built into it.

People in isolated areas can get very angry about No Export for You and Bad Export For You. Regional Bonus is an inversion of this trope applied to Video Games. The game is very generous and encourages players to make 'mistakes' that could put your hunters in some... The H-content itself is almost entirely monster based.Which is refreshing to see (if you're into that kind of thing...) and while the art style isn't the greatest out there it more than gets the job done.This is a huge improvement over their previous title Paio hazard.The gameplay and combat itself is rather simple, but that doesn't detract from the experience, more like it cuts out the fat.To discourage Japanese fans from buying cheaper from abroad, many distributors make their foreign products expensive or unattractive (e.g. The fact that they are screwing their overseas fans matters little, as their domestic market is usually worth far more than the American or European one.Because companies seldom announce why they licensed a product in a particular way, the information is often spread through rumors, so some of these may be unreliable.You charge your laser, you fire it and you have a lewds-powered bomb to abuse.Navigating the rooms in games like this can be confusing, but the map is pretty clear and the objective simple-- find the keys and levers or portals to open the gate to the next area. Almost every monster has a custom restraint animation, and a r*pe animation, and there's special status that you get after this r*pe/restraints. The map you explore is really big andvery well made.An H-game that I actually come back to time and time again for the gameplay and not just the CG.This is a nicely built game that focuses on simple, fast-paced turn based combat with great H-scenes happening right in the battles.