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07 Oct

Always up-to-date – with automatic upload of daily time-lapse videos to your You Tube channel. The webcams and live cams of the Schmittenhöhe always give you current impressions of the ski resort and hiking region.Monitor your construction project and share progress by upload to a public or private You Tube channel automatically.Show long-term progress using the week/month/year view and create time-lapse video clips.Are you planning a ski holiday or hiking holiday in the Salzburger Land?

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Also if you are looking for a hotel, there is no better place than us!

Those ones who like fascinating panorama views should definitely have a look at the 360° panorama camera.

You are in need of current weather data in order to plan your trip to the Schmittenhöhe?

Undoubtedly one of the most iconic sights in Dubai, Atlantis has captivated guests the world over with its awe-inspiring beauty.

Or for a view that you will truly never forget, watch day turn into night from one of our luxurious rooms in the majestic Royal Towers. Whether you're planning your dream Dubai holiday, or just yearning to witness the splendour again, our two webcams will give you a breathtaking view of Atlantis that will both charm and delight.