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Michael est amoureux de sa petite amie et il a de grandes amitiés, mais il a peur de laisser la routine s'installer dans son existence.Il est terrifié à l'idée que le reste de sa vie soit programmé s...Une seule chose effraie Michael : il ne veut pas que sa vie soit écrite d'avance.Menacé par le conformisme, il rencontre la jeune et très séduisante Kim.

They had to cut us out and I was in a coma for a few days. Rachel Bilson spent a year at Grossmont College but dropped out after a year in order to pursue acting.In 2011, Rachel Bilson landed on the series "Hart of Dixie," about a big-city doctor who moves to Alabama to take over her father's practice.In her spare time, she "like[s] to cook and hang out in my PJs.Sa soif de liberté, son envie de passion et sa peur d'un engagement qui serait définitif vont le pousser sur des chemins où tous les sentiments explosent...Last kiss est le remake du film italien Juste un baiser de Gabriele Muccino.As a teenager, Rachel said she hung around the wrong crowd and it took a car accident to change her life."We were going really fast and we were involved in a head-on collision with a truck.I like to cook homey, comfy foods, meatloaf and chili."Rachel Bilson lives in Los Angeles.At last, a movie about men who can't commit and women who must.Zach Braff and the rest of the appealing cast make the case for the latter.A successful 30-year-old (Zach Braff) with a the perfect girlfriend (Jacinda Barrett) and a lucrative outlook on life struggles with the increasing pressures of adulthood as he weighs the merits of settling down with the woman who loves him against risking it all to be with a comely co-ed (Rachel Bilson) in director Tony Goldwyn's remake of Gabriele Muccino's 2001 comedy drama.