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03 Sep

Moment that made you melt: When Paris plays the guitar for Alvin while he reads the words she wrote. Eric Stoltz plays working class guy Keith, and Watts (Mary Stuart Masterson) is his tomboy bestie.

But when you skate a lot it like pays a toll on your knees.

So at first I thought he was going to completely dog me, like this New York kid from the lower east side Manhattan coming to L. Like right when I got off the plane from New York to L. He knew I couldn’t skate so he was so patient with me.” Would you say the skating was the toughest part about the movie? The skating was the hardest because not only did I have to learn how to skate, but eventually catch a style that was pretty much a 30-year-old style and make it look original.” Were there any major wipeouts? One of my major accidents came as I was going down a five foot ramp, which I shouldn’t have been doing, and I kind of slipped off of my board and fractured an orbital bone.

Which is ironic because that happens in the film, too.

It was also this rising talent’s onscreen presence, especially in the Sundance darling Raising Victor Vargas.

Rasuk sat down to chat about Dogtown, sans the curly ‘do and seventies attire, to talk about the challenge this New York-raised actor had on losing his East Coast vibe for sunny So Cal’s waves and beach babes.