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29 Sep

According to Michael O’Loughlin, in his analysis of a Pew Research Center study, married people only make up 52% of the Catholic Church in the U. Although unmarried Catholics now make up almost half of the Church’s membership, few of them show up for Mass on Sundays and holy days, and there seems to be no concern on the Church’s part that they aren’t there.

It’s hard to do this, however, when people remain single on into their 40’s, 50’s and beyond, a problem which afflicts more and more Catholics each year.For those dioceses which feel that this, or any other kind of outreach, is not feasible in the near future, prayers, encouragement, and spiritual advice could still be given from the pulpit for those of us who practice our faith.Cardinal Dolan’s suggestion on prayers for more marriage vocations is an easy way to help singles who are called to marriage.In the end, though, this really is not fair to those Catholics who actually are young as well as to those who are shut out as a result of no longer meeting the age requirement.Because there is much moral demise within our society, we need a multitude of the lay members of the Church to testify to the sanctity of marriage by being living examples.This line of thinking, however, prevents the Church from seizing a great opportunity.Assisting singles who are called to marriage is actually a practical way of addressing some of the moral issues that the Church is dealing with.In her free time she enjoys reading, blogging, playing the flute, and working on her house. Brinig and Nicole Garnett, highlights the importance of Catholic schools as community institutions.Ultimately, helping singles who are called to marriage, whether they are young, old, or in between, is an important aspect of counteracting the culture of death.It is a practical and concrete way of showing the world that marriage and family, when lived out in accord with the Gospel, are essential and beneficial to society.