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30 Aug

I caught her eye a couple of times so was keen to get talking again but before I did I gave it a while to make sure I went all round the club to make sure that wee bald mentalist wasn't about. Why would you give someone the wink and the gun if you're not ready to seal the deal. This was 6-7 years ago when I just started learning Game.Once I had given the place a good audit and concluded he was no where to be seen I figured ok it should be safe. Pretty much the exact same scene as two weeks ago played out with him pretty much everyone saying the same script. Then blondey comes over to me with "I'm so sorry, thats my ex boyfriend..just gets like that when he sees me talking to other guys..." Needless to say I never went near her again. My half arsed blog Irish Does Asia Irish Does Twitter My podcast on Jakarta & SE Asia with Kyle Trouble at Dating part 1 & part 2 Datasheets: Jakarta, Indonesia Bali, Indonesia Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam I did something even worse. Says hey man you really suck at that stuff, what did you say to her. Was at a bar with some friends, and approached & danced with this smoking hot brunette who apparently works for some major TV station.

He definitely seemed to be a couple of slates short of a roof this dude and eventually he gets bundled off by the bouncer.

Still haven't heard the end of this one from guys at Jiu Jitsu who were there.

Direct approach to a girl in a mall, in San Francisco.

The blonde apologizes and tells me it's her ex boyfriend and he just "gets like that" when she sees her talking to other guys.

Anyway 2 weeks later i'm in the same club and see the same chick with the SAME friends at the same table they were before.