Reverse dns zone not updating

01 Jan

For the reverse lookup zones we configured secure only updates.As the DHCP servers in this environment are Linux based we would like the clients to update their PTR records themselves.Hi Everyone, I have 3 DNS servers (win2k3) integrated into AD that their reverse DNS is not updating. Both Forward and reverse DNS was screwed up to begin with.

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For example, if you have been delegated a /22 IPv4 block from APNIC, you need to register four /24 reverse zones.

APNIC only delegates the authority of your reverse zones to the DNS name servers you provide through your domain objects.

If you do not have a DNS service, you may need to contact your ISP, hosting provider, or third party DNS provider to configure your reverse zones and load them in their DNS name servers.

You can then register your domain objects using those DNS name servers.

Update [27/06/2013]: new information regarding the topic: Windows 7 & Reverse Lookup DNS Registration [Update] In my current project we have an Active Directory domain where we use Windows DNS servers with domain integrated DNS zones.