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13 Feb

None of the blackmailers have been caught so far as they are based overseas.

The force might turn to Interpol to bring the scammers to justice.

Apoorva: Jesus, woman, this is just cybersex, stop being so difficult. My dress is falling off my shoulder, kiss my shoulder too...

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Lin said most of the scams were operated by syndicates in Southeast Asia.The gangs created social media accounts on which they posed as attractive Asian women and befriended victims.The fraudsters invited victims to engage in cybersex activities via webcam, during which the woman would take off her clothes to entice the victim to take off his.It took as little as five minutes to trap the target.One victim was conned out of HK0,000 in a single case.Victims came from all over the world, including a Scottish teenager who committed suicide after being blackmailed.One local victim paid up to US,000 to keep compromising material private. Apoorva: Pretend we're in a hotel room, in Italy, getting ready to go out. I’m pulling a black dress over my head, putting on a pair of high heeled shoes, ready to leave. We're walking along cobbled stoned streets, heading to the restaurant, hand in hand. I look you in the eye, and ask you to sit closer to me. In the scene, Elliot confronts the coffee chain owner and admits that he hacked the chain’s network where he discovered the owner was using it for his illegal pornography.Elliot informs the owner that he has already called the police and exits the building as they arrive.