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07 Nov

Nate gave him a shoutout in his post fight speech a while back.

I personally love Cody, he is one of my all time favourites.

Cloning, fertilization, measuring the p H levels, or malnutrition/disease and pest control have to be learned and require besides knowledge a big chunk of responsibility, which I don't see him doing.

So just trimming it alone is IMO a temporary job and as said, hope Cody is fine with it.

Somehow, his career hasn’t been all a bed of roses, other than losses in a few crucial fights; he has been accused of taking performance enhancing drugs.

In 2016, he was tested positive for a banned substance, which resulted in a two-year ban.

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Chad was born and brought up in California and started with wrestling early in his life.Rumor: Miesha Tate Breaks Up With Long Time Boyfriend Bryan Caraway In the world of Mixed Martial Arts, rare is to have a couple where both man and woman are at the top of their game. After meeting in college, the duo has remained inseparable throughout the years and we’ve all witnessed the rise of Miesha Tate in the process.Fight fans have grown to love the Tate-Caraway duo and it’s hard to believe that this couple may be parting ways.Maybe there’s nothing to this rumors, so don’t take our word for it until it’s confirmed. Regardless, Caraway and Miesha haven’t been witnessed together since their early September Hustler party over a month ago.Since that time both have been going about their own way.He eventually made his debut with the NCAA in 2008 and in his first NCAA Championship, he ended up at the second spot, perfectly marking his grand arrival at the ruthless sport that MMA is.He trained with Team Alpha Male and later fought for a few months in the World Extreme Cagefighting, eventually graduating to the UFC in 2010 when WEC merged with it.Problem is when he's on a fishing boat for 3 months, he's not training, and his diet is hot pockets and dip.See, I thought the octagon wasn't allowed to be used outside of the UFC due to some sort of copyright, is that not the case?I could have sworn Bellator used a circular cage for that reason. The term Octogon is trademarked and so is the cage, however the UFC chooses to allow other promotions to use octagon shaped cages in their promotions so it gets up and coming fighters ready for the UFC.Back when the WEC was independent, they used an octagon without any issues, albeit theirs was smaller.