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africanum in West Africa being the most remarkable example), others having undergone a dramatic increase in effective population size and global dispersal.

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However, due to difficulty to isolate strains from children, such studies are rare.The higher clustering of the modern isolates in children and lack of increased MDR rate in any sublineage suggest that not association with drug resistance but other (e.g., speculatively, virulence-related) properties underlie an enhanced dissemination of the evolutionarily recent, modern sublineage of the Beijing genotype in China.The advent of next-generation sequencing technologies for whole genome analysis of bacterial pathogens opened a new perspective to the more robust and more meaningful reconstructions.Nonetheless, a new technology is not a magic wand in itself since bioinformatics tools and algorithms do not always permit to achieve an unambiguous interpretation.In the field of molecular evolution and phylogenetics of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, a consensus view on many issues is yet to be reached.In the present study, we sought to assess factors that have shaped historical phylogeography of M.tuberculosis Beijing genotype in China and could be underlying the current molecular epidemiology of the circulating strains.One may note that previous valuable Chinese studies of M.tuberculosis epidemiology either focused on some of the provinces or used either high resolution (IS6110-RFLP or 24-VNTR) or slowly evolving phylogenetic markers (e.g. Compared to them, we additionally discriminated within the ancient Beijing group and we analyzed patterns of molecular diversity in geographic regions and provinces across the country.New cases were defined as TB patients who had never been treated with anti-TB drugs or who had been treated for less than 1 month.Previously treated cases were defined as patients who received anti-TB treatment for 1 month or longer.