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18 Oct

It is especially important to pick a school that forbids dating and “pairing off” among its student body if one wishes to protect his youngster from the deliterious effects of this emotional merry-go-round.

I have often wished parents could see their youngsters at school or Bible camp without the youngster’s knowledge.

I believe the primary responsibility still remains in the home as it always has.

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Why have so many parents, teachers, and preachers accepted the status-quo in this area?by Ron Williams Multitudes of parents and teachers have observed a bright child academically excel in school and spiritually in his faith for several years and then become mediocre and apathetic in junior and senior high school.More alarming is the weakening of spiritual desire in this same child at about the same stage of life.Some youngsters are battling with feelings of insecurity, low self-image, rejection, etc., because of the intense social pressure among their peers to conform in this practice of dating.They believe they are a failure if they do not measure up to the standards of the group.Many girls, realizing that flesh, provocative dress, and a wanton spirit attract the eye of a young man have even adopted the “attire of a harlot” (Proverbs ).This is a way of dressing and conduct that basically transmits the message, “I am available.” Fathers especially need to step in and give guidelines, rules, and instruction about these matters for their daughters, prohibiting such actions and assuring them of their help and assistance in choosing a potential spouse.Must we accept things the way they are simply because it is popular and acceptable, or do we have the authority, responsibility and desire to amend what is proving to be a major factor in the spiritual demise of our teens.Even though these authority figures witness the spiritual and emotional upheavals caused by permissive, “carte blanche” dating and pairing off in schools, youth groups, camps, etc., most seem to be either unwilling or unable to correct the situation, but is it the responsibility of schools and churches to curtail these emotional relationships?What has happened with these children who showed such promise?Why have they now also shown a willingness to resist their authority and prefer peers to their own families?