Safe cyber dating

30 Sep

The stalker often tries make the person they’re stalking feel intimidated and scared.

Stalking a girlfriend, boyfriend or ex, or someone else, is against the law in Victoria. NSW Police have advice on how to record stalking incidents and more about stalking.

Always be wary of offers that sound too good to be true, or ask for too much information. Just be cautious about what you share, particularly when it comes to your identity information. Our mobile devices can be just as vulnerable to online threats as our laptops.

Spam emails, phony “free” offers, click bait, online quizzes and more all use these tactics to entice you to click on dangerous links or give up your personal information. These days, there are a lot of opportunities to share our personal information online.Online grooming is when someone uses the internet to trick, force or pressure a young person into doing something sexual - like sending a naked video or image of themselves. If it's happening, or has happened to you, we can help you. It can even be a good way of making new friends sometimes. Most of us talk to people online – it's a great way to stay connected.Just like ‘real-life’ stalking and harassment, cyber-stalking and cyber-bullying are often symptoms of someone’s need to control another person’s life.A stalker is often possessive of their girlfriend/boyfriend or ex, and thinks, They don’t care about their boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s right to freedom, privacy and independence.But it's really important to understand the dangers of talking to someone you don't know.If you send someone sexual photos or videos of yourself, you lose control over what happens to them.The problem with public Wi-Fi is that it is often unsecured.This means it’s relatively easy for a hacker to access your device or information.Then, check to see if your online accounts offer multi-factor authentication.This is when multiple pieces of information are required to verify your identity. Now that your logins are safer, make sure that your connections are secure.