Safety on internet dating

31 Oct

The most important way to date safely and smartly is to not get too caught up in fantasizing what the end result of your relationship with a given guy will be.Just focus on getting to know him as much as you can prior to and during the first date.resize=768:*" /The most important way to date safely and smartly is to not get ahead of yourself.

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Doing some preliminary homework can save you major aggravation in the end.

resize=768:*" /If your phone conversations go well, and you feel like you know enough about the guy to go out on a date, be sure to meet in a neutral, public place.

(As in, not one of your apartments.) This just adds an additional layer of security.

Although you can gather a lot of info about someone via text and email, there's nothing like hearing a guy's voice and engaging in some back and forth banter to feel him out.

Have a decent sense of who he is before agreeing to meet him: At the very least, make sure you have his full name and what he does for a living." /Online dating is so common these days, regular dating is called "offline dating." But is it safe to meet up with random prospects?