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13 Jan

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Restaurant-style booths were open for seating, but were all filled, and the bar was skirted with high-top tables and culminated in a large dance-floor at the other end.

The smoking patio was perfect for isolation with high-top tables, but you can’t bring drinks outside (?? Go late and get on the list beforehand to avoid the cover.

More often than not, our guys have a blast and we’ve never had a real dud of a city where there was nothing to do at all or there was no one to talk to. At about midnight, it’s difficult to walk around and I highly recommend buying bottleservice just for the elbowroom, if you can. Dress nice, but be prepared for ultra-style from the other patrons.

At the complete other end of the spectrum is San Diego: one of the most fun bootcamps I’ve ever done. A great place to pickup girls who are 8s, 9s, and 10s, you have to approach indirect and/or have social proof for most of the hottest ones (standard), but they mostly open really easily and a lot of the girls have great senses of humor. Large common area with one bar at the opposite end.