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22 Jan

"He's in the music business too, with his own computer-music consultancy.

They married in 1984 and separated in 1990, with a divorce in 1991 that effectively ended her UK stage career."I met him just over a year ago at a recording studio in Germany and I feel very easy and happy with him.And it's wonderful to have a person around who's so computer-friendly," she adds."I don't think I would get married again; I don't know if I'm a very good candidate because of all the touring I do," says the twice-divorced Sarah, who was already married to another Andrew (Graham Stewart, a music manager) when she and Lloyd Webber (also married, to Sarah Hugill) first clapped eyes on each other across a crowded Cats rehearsal-room in 1981.Scroll down for more..."I don't expect anything anyway if I meet a nice new partner.And, boy, has she worked hard at it - in all sorts of surprising directions - with a thrilling range of musical moods on Symphony and the release next month of her film-acting debut in the musical thriller Repo! Among the cast for a film that has been described as Rocky Horror meets Blade Runner are Paris Hilton and former Buffy star Anthony Head."I feel very Gothic in my soul," explains Sarah, who even plans to make her film-directing debut next year, but is keeping shtoom about the details for now.She was always driven and dedicated to a future in show business.The eldest of four girls and two boys born to property tycoon Grenville Brightman and his wife Paula, the Hertfordshire-raised Sarah trained in classical ballet at Elmhurst, studied jazz and acting at Arts Educational, and went straight into the Top of the Pops dance group Pan's People at 16."But when I moved from Britain to Germany at the beginning of the 1990s, all my friends were involved with techno, and suddenly I was being introduced to younger types of music and a different way of doing things."And I'm having a lot of fun now." It certainly sounds like it, even if the Los Angeles-based Louis lives on the other side of America from Sarah, whose main home is an apartment in Manhattan's Upper East Side.