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02 Mar

With the adoption of the current constitution in 1987, the power of issuing passports was transferred from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the current Department of Foreign Affairs.

The Philippine Passport Act 1996 governs the issuance of Philippine passports and travel documents.

Melinda is not doing much (though here [sic] album was very well received from the critics).” TRUE: Jordin Sparks does have a career.

FALSE: Blake should have had a career, and he does.

I’ve got a track that’s very Erasure-sounding, a track that’s Sting-meets-Neverending Story and a track that’s very electro-poppy Depeche Mode.However, an injunction was issued against the project by a lower court, only to be overturned by the Supreme Court and ordering the DFA and the BSP to continue the project.Philippine passports are only issued to citizens, while travel documents (under Section 13) may be issued to citizens who have lost their passports overseas as well as permanent residents who cannot obtain passports or travel documents from other countries.But the season before yours, season five — which you neglected to reference — boasted several bona fide stars that continue to make headlines today. Not that other people haven’t worked…sure they’ve worked…but not on the right things.” FALSE: Obviously, Chris, you must have access to the planners belonging to every single contestant that ever found their way onto the show.A sampling: Daughtry, Kellie Pickler, Bucky Covington, Elliott Yamin, Katharine Mc Phee, and Kevin Covais. Saying you’ve worked harder than most of them is like me saying I sing better in the shower than most of my fellow EW staffers. Those fans who’ve been asking for your autograph all tour long — 98% of them don’t give a flying poo about you once the next season of Idol starts.” Quick — someone call 9-1-1 and tell the ambulance to race to Michael Slezak’s residence! And that sort of dis will not only infuriate nation, but will kill our dear Slezak.Speaking of which — Chris, can I have your autograph? “In other words, your days of being a star are over.” Tell that to Daughtry, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, etc. Tough love is one thing, but it’s another to be, well, kind of a jerk. Earlier this month, Blake, 26, disclosed he has already recorded six songs for his upcoming album, out end of 2007. So let’s take a look, and refute — and support when necessary — some of your points, shall we?NOTE: This blog post was written prior to Chris’ add-on to his own post, but scheduled to run after Chris’ qualifier showed up.That’s a no-no, even if she hasn’t (yet) hit the top of the charts. “How is it that the fat, not-so-great-looking guy who came in 10th place is the 2nd or 3rd most successful from his season and top 5 most successful over Season 6 & 7?Especially when the girl released one amazing album. ” TRUE: Depending on how you measure “success,” Chris, your first statement might be valid.