Sccm clients not updating resource informaiton

28 Sep

Important: In order to honor user privacy, you as the administrator, must ask the user for consent before enabling data collection.

In the following tables, these settings are identified as Client Mode and Server Mode, respectively.

The RMS client can be freely redistributed and bundled with other applications and IT solutions.

If you are an application developer or solution provider and want to redistribute the RMS client, you have two options: is either x86 (for 32-bit client computers) or x64 (for 64-bit client computers).

I've been creating collections under my SCCM Console and successfully have done two queries where the first is based on the computer account object OUs.

Then the other generates a collection that contains only laptop devices. Name is LIKE "SYS%" I dont know if its single or double quotes, hope you get what I mean. Hopefully someone else who knows SQL will be able to help.