Sccm direct membership collection not updating

13 Feb

Roger Zander wrote a brilliant article on Collections in Configuration Manager and some knowledge that aids in designing collection structure to reduce the workload of the Config Mgr hierarchy.

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This is because the User gets the list of available Software from the 'Application Catalog web service point' at the time where Software Center is loading the Items.After a brief discussion I noted that there wasn’t any guide on howto create this manually (found a scripted method on SCUG. As a prerequisite the AD Security Group has to be discovered resource.You can review the collection members of “All Users and User Groups” and see what groups are discovered – if what you are looking for isn’t there most likely you are required to tweak the AD Discovery methods you are using.The goal of this blog is to clarify some misunderstandings around Collections in System Center Configuration Manager.There is no right or wrong, the goal is that you understand the impact of the different scenarios.This scenario has now a dependency on the AD Synchronization, the Collection evaluation cycle and on the machine policy refresh cycle on the agent.As a result, it can take hours until a device will get the policy for the assigned Software.Quite common (based on all the blog-articles) is to set an Incremental update for all collections that require a fast update.The limit for this is (according to Config Mgr 2012 documentation) roughly 200 collections depending and inaddition the queue will increase with updates.If an external Service-management solution is involved, AD Groups (and therefore User Collections) are the simplest way to automate Software assignment as most of these Tools can add Users to AD groups out of the box.- Direct-Membership Rules are a simple way to just add a User, User Group or Device to a Collection, so what is wrong with that?