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I wouldreally like to get anything you have on any John or William who might matchup----- John was born on May 15, 1792 and William on October 29, 1794. John would have been 49 and William 47 on the 1841census, but whether they still lived in Glen Lyon or even Perthshire, for thatmatter, I don't know. And, of course, I continue to seek infothat will take my back even further. Warm regards, Jack Original Message ----- From: "Barry D.

You have succeeded in getting back a 110 years earlierthan I have. Mac KERACHER" Sent: Monday, April 24, 2000 PM Subject: Re: Barry; New Info. Mac KERACHER wrote: Hi; A very Happy & Grand Easter to you & all thefamily Hope these E mails doin't bother you.

Mac Kercher"It's aside the Dee River closer to Balmoralthan Braemar. [email protected]: my Duncan Mc Kerracher was supposedly a Farquharson too.

Iwent to Braemar to talk to the clan leader in 1984.

For some reason both my Netscape and Microsoft Internet Browser froze up after starting the Lamont Clan presentation.

Occasionally my Dell computer decides to fickle up on me and be non-cooperative for no goodreason.

Fercher also had a Donald, William and John as brothers.

Donald was in the Army and served in the Battle of Waterloo and in several other actions.

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His parents were Duncan Mc Kercher and Catherine Mc Lellan .. I reviewed all the data I have on John Mc Kerchersborn in that time frame.The Lamonts say their clan was called Mac Kerracher...then the namewas changed.. regards Alvin P mc Kerracher Hi Barry, Thank you so much for your Easter greetings.Wehad a fine week-end although our children were all some distance from us. Let me assure you I am delighted to hear fromand about you.I don't know if you have had an opportunity to view mine at Error! I also derive from a Duncan Mc Kercher who married Catherine Mc Lellan in 1786. For at least three generations, my family was closely associated with the Meggernie estate.Recently since I posted my web site, I've had the pleasure ofhearing from several Mc Kerchers, etc from all parts of and the West Coast.He was eventually dischargedin Canada, but reappeared in the 1861 census in Glen Lyon as an army pensioner.Unfortunately, I know nothing about either William or John.Dear Fellow Mc Kerracher-Mac Kercher-Mc Kerchar-Mc Kerricher, etal Thank you for responding to my message.I was unsuccessful in raising yourrecommended website.His age was listed as 45 which would have his birthdate in or around1796.This is what threw me off the track because it didn't jibe with 1792 orthe year in which my John was born.