Scott knerr dating

15 Feb

I, Donald Waters, do bequeath the seat reserved in the cemetery for Ann and myself to Roscoe Winchester and Doris Sells.I, Robert Williams, do bequeath my ability to be absent from school on the last days of the hunting season to Brother Willy.

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In those grades that cupid went on a rampage and practically everyone got shot. girls were waitresses at the Junior-Senior Banquet. We werent uneasy standing with the upper classmen at the stomp.

I, Juanita Knight, do bequeath my love for Model As to Doris Parnell.

I, Vivien Hinson, do bequeath my sincere love for Pageland to Miss Baker.

We, Joan Burns and Billy Knight, bequeath our gentle manners and quiet voices to Jerry Hardin and Jane Howie.

I, David House, bequeath my driving ability to Bob Browning.