Scrubs dating coma wife

06 Jan

And it was explained brilliantly with the writing too.

BOTH of them became isolated and shut down emotionally because of the rigours of their job.

If a character's bs is so real you hate them, then that is some well written and performed material.

I also asked that question when I had a similar discussion with friends over the weekend, using Stranger Things as an example.

If there's any worse I'd love to hear the argument.

Edit: formatting and spelling cause of mobile and alcohol It's so hard to support someone who spent the majority of the first few seasons being unlikeable.

Cox flirted hard with the redhead doctor after he was back with his ex. I agree about seventeen dates though, I'd have run long before that.

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There are a LOT of career LPN's and RN's simply because they enjoy the balances of patient interaction and administrative responsibility. Source: Wife is a LPN trying to decide if she wants RN, APN or to stay a LPN.

Second thought bs Finagling control of both boy and girl names Kicking jd out of an apartment he was in first The whole you can't do anything I can't do pregnant thing The bedtime deal Hypnosis as anesthesia really? Plus being mad at turk for being immature when she knew that's who he was from the beginning Also the whole "I am a mommy all the time" statement at the janitors wedding, when she is also a wife all the time.

Her continual prioritising her own wants and needs over turks even when he has sound and logical objections.

I can't wrap my ahead around why people watch television in this manner.

I pick sides when there is conflict yeah but it's also a comedy filled with characters that aren't supposed to be perfect or even good human beings. Because most people actually care that the characters are terrible people?