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In 1507, William Elphinston, Bishop of Aberdeen, began to build the romantic bridge of Don, which was finished in 1527 by Bishop Gavin Dunbar, who gave over the bridge to the Magistrates, Council, and Community of Aberdeen, and gave them the lands of Ardlaw as a fund to support, repair, or rebuild it, if necessary, at any future period.

These lands, which lie in the parish of Clatt, were granted by Alexander Stewart, Earl of Mar, to the Cathedral and Bishop of Aberdeen, by a charter, 10th Feb- ruary 1407.

Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. Simmions issued at the instance of Joseph Duguid, against Patrick Leslie Duguid of Balquhain, and his sons, for the recovery of the estate of Balquhain— 1775 521-529 26. One of these natural sons, Andrew Leslie of Pitscurry, was the cause of a great feud between the Leslies and the Forbeses. Near this youll see where famed Harlaw was fought, When curst rebellion direful mischief wrought ; Here dreaded Donald from the Isles came down, Ilred with ambition, to attack the crown : Deep, canning, artfiil, he, by yarious wiles, Indeed the chieftain of the Western Isles. He married Murial Grant, daughter of Sir Donald Grant of Fruchie, a Highland chieftain. Patrick Leslie, sixth Baron of Balquhain, died 16th April 1496, and was succeeded by his son William Leslie, seventh Baron. At this time also, as John Leslie, Bishop of Ross, informs us in his History of Scotland, great feuds existed among the barons of Aberdeenshire, and particularly between the powerful families of Leslie and Forbes. He also added to the family estates the lands of WTiitecross, Inveramsay, Pitbee, and Newlands, w^hich he acquired by purchase.

1527, by the intervention of Archibald, Earl of Angus, Lord High Chancellor of the kingdom, the lords ^^V i ^^ ^^ Council, and other noblemen, finends of Buiqukain. \^^ partics, who interested themselves, and made these powerful families come to an agreement. Segydene, and the Wrayis, with the Mill of the Syde, in favour of himself and Marjory Keith his spouse, 24th January 1522, and they received from King James V.

Copyright infringement liabili^ can be quite severe. Donald, enraged, called out to all, " Sevenge Maclean ! Maclachlan and his clansmen fresh pursue, And kindle all the rage of war anew ; Though lost their chief, not unrevenged they mourn. Six of the bravest Leslies pressed the plain, While round these warriors lay whole heaps of slain. Death and destruction seemed to threaten all ; Through studded targets spears were forceful driven, At every blow sad mortal wounds were given.

About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. Bravely they mock all quarter foes can ^ve, Their leader killed, they think it mean to live.

William Leslie got a precept of Chancery, 23d July 1511, for infefting him in the lands of Balquhain ; the Nethertown and Oldtown of Knockinlews ; four bovates of the lands of Harlaw ; the lands of Selbie, Lochtilloch, Whitecross, and Knockallochy, with the mill ; two bovates of the lands of Ressavate ; two parts of the lands of Wardis Flemyng, and of Wraes ; the lands of Syde, with the mill and alehouse ; the lands of Seggyden and Erlesfield, in the regality of the Garioch ; and on the 29th July 1511, he obtained from King James IV.

at Edinburgh, 24th January 1506, annexed to the parish of Bourtie, and granted the said two acres for building a house for the chaplain of Co Uyhill, who was bound to pray for the souls of Bishop Elphinston of Aberdeen, William Leslie, seventh Baron of Bal- quhain, Elizabeth Ogilvie his wife, and Sir Walter Ogilvie of Boyne, her father, besides several others.