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10 Jan

(For more information on how the memory works go to ABC Science Online's Memory special.)Your brain's ability to store and retrieve or recall information can fluctuate within normal levels due to many factors, including: Top"There is a thing called the 'tip of the tongue' (TOT) phenomenon where you forget someone's name that you know, and usually that resolves within half an hour or at least in 24 hours," explains Professor Kaarin Anstey, director of the Ageing Research Unit at the Centre for Mental Health Research at the Australian National University.

You are more likely to get TOT and memory lapses if you are over 40 and if your life or work circumstances place greater demands on your memory recall.

Top But how do you know when your memory lapses are more than 'too much going on'?

"The transition from normal forgetfulness to pathological or abnormal forgetfulness is not clearly defined, but it's based on the severity of forgetfulness and the impact it has on your ability to function normally day to day," says Woodward.

Anstey adds that noticeable change in a person's memory can be a sign it's time to seek medical advice."Having trouble remembering things about yourself, such as your phone number or address and not being able to remember where things are kept that you usually know [is reason enough to see your doctor]," she explains.

Pathological memory loss, or repeated memory loss, that is severe enough to affect your daily life can be a symptom of an underlying illness such as: Woodward explains that even young people should seek medical advice if they're concerned about their memory, because while 95 per cent of cases of Alzheimer's disease are in people aged over 60, it can occur in people as young as 20 and 30.

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