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10 Mar

This expanded facility also houses a well-appointed research room.

The research room allows access to New Hampshire genealogical records dating back to 1640, as well as state archival records.

Each state is allowed to decide who can access their public records.

Most states allow anyone - in state or out - access to these records if they need them.

So although the original Arkansas public records law states that only residents can access the records, federal ruling has stated that anyone from any state is still allowed to access these records upon request.

Check with the current government law to help you decide if it is possible for you to retrieve the data you need.

Does That Mean That Only Arkansas Residents Can Access These Records?

Yet even though many states have prevented people from accessing these records, federal courts have found that limiting that information is illegal.

Some births were recorded after 1914 from prior years, but these records are in limited numbers.

There are only a limited number of Arkansas death records from that date.

Arkansas death records are not public records until after fifty years after the event.

If you are looking for an Arkansas Birth Record from Little Rock, you may be in greater luck. To obtain an Arkansas Birth Record, you must be a ‘person of legitimate interest’.

Basically, if you not the named person on record (or the parent of the named), you need to have a valid reason for asking to obtain the birth record.