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Fortunately, the Guinness Book of World Records wanted nothing to do with this horrendously bloody event.

Recently, three clinical trials in Africa found that MGM reduces the chances of HIV in Africa, and as a result the World Health Organization recommended circumcising adult men in sub Saharan African to prevent HIV. See South African Medical Journal has vehemently challenged the faulty studies that claim circumcision reduces HIV.

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The reason likely comes down to lifestyle compatibility. Newsday's obituary for Alan Longmuir Jim O'Connell, the longtime college basketball writer for The Associated Press and a member of the Hall of Fame, died July 2, 2018. Newsday's obituary for Jim O'Connell Gudrun Burwitz, the true-believing daughter of Heinrich Himmler, the architect of the Holocaust and Nazi Germany's highest-ranking official after Adolf Hitler, died May 24, 2018. Newsday's obituary for Phil Rodgers Harlan Ellison, the prolific, pugnacious author of "A Boy and His Dog," and countless other stories that blasted society with their nightmarish, sometimes dark humorous scenarios, died June 27, 2018. Rennert, center, in a September 1984 photo as Atlanta Braves' Randy Johnson, left, argues the call of safe, was 88. Newsday's obituary for Herman "Denny" Farrell William Allee, who served as the NYPD's chief of detectives from 1997 to 2003, died May 24, 2018, from an illness related to his work at Ground Zero. Newsday's obituary for Alice Provensen Bruno Sammartino, professional wrestling's "Living Legend" and one of its longest-reigning champions, died April 18, 2018. Newsday's obituary for Bruno Sammartino Celebrities who've died in 2018Remembering Swedish DJ Avicii, British scientist Stephen Hawking, fashion designer Kate Spade and more musicians, actors, ... Newsday's obituary for Harlan Ellison Joe Jackson, the strong, fearsome patriarch of the musical Jackson family, died June 27, 2018, of pancreatic cancer. Newsday's obituary for Joe Jackson Long Beach Fire Department Captain David Rosa died from injuries sustained from a gunshot wound he sustained at an emergency incident on June 25, 2018, in Long Beach, Calif. Newsday's obituary for David Rosa Donald Hall, a prolific, award-winning poet and man of letters widely admired for his sharp humor and painful candor about nature, mortality, baseball and the distant past, died June 23, 2018. Newsday's obituary for Donald Hall Richard Valeriani, an NBC News correspondent who was once clubbed by an ax-wielding assailant at a civil rights demonstration, earned the ire of the Johnson and Nixon White Houses for his television reporting and later worked on the other side of the camera, advising corporate executives and celebrities as a media consultant, died June 18, 2018, of congestive heart failure. Newsday's obituary for Richard Valeriani Dutch Rennert, a National League umpire from 1973 to 1992 who was known for his animated, booming strike calls, died June 17, 2018. Provensen, seen with husband Martin Provensen, was 99. Seldin, known as the "intellectual father" of UT Southwestern Medical Center, died April 25, 2018, of lymphoma. Newsday's obituary for Donald Seldin Alice Provensen, an award-winning artist who illustrated dozens of popular books for children, often in collaboration with her husband, died April 23, 2018.In relationship terms, men love sharing what they love with people and having those people love it too.Research also found circumcised men are five times more likely to suffer from premature ejaculation than intact men. despite similar purported health benefits as MGM and despite certain cultures that support it.Male genital mutilation (MGM), or “circumcision,” is gynecologically equivalent to removing a girl’s clitoral foreskin, the most common form of female genital mutilation (FGM). Even a small ceremonial incision on a girl’s genitals is illegal.Even if MGM did reduce the chances of HIV, it would not justify the mutilation of a baby boy’s penis without his consent.It would not be justified to remove a testicle from a baby boy just to reduce his chances of testicular tumors and cancer by 50 percent. Sinatra, shown in a March 1946 photo at a crowded table at Ciro's with Frank Sinatra, was 101. Newsday's obituary for Gudrun Burwitz Peter Firmin, the co-creator of the classic British children's TV programs "Clangers," ''Bagpuss," and "The Basil Brush Show," died July 1, 2018. Newsday's obituary for Peter Firmin Eugene Kim, a broadcast writer and editor for The Associated Press who for 34 years wrote the AP's Today In History feature used by newspapers and broadcasters around the country, has died. Newsday's obituary for Eugene Kim Phil Rodgers, a five-time winner on the PGA Tour who became one of golf's top instructors, died June 26, 2018, after a long battle with leukemia. 58 celebrities who died young Their celebrity was sometimes brief, sometimes felt for decades. Stars who died at 27These stars all died at the age of 27.Newsday's obituary for Nancy Sinatra Former Iowa Gov. Ray, who helped thousands of Vietnam War refugees relocate to the state and defined Iowa's Republican politics for years, died of Parkinson's disease July 8, 2018. Newsday's obituary for Robert Ray Barbara Carlson, a former radio talk show host with a bold, unfiltered personality, died July 9, 2018, of lung cancer. Newsday's obituary for Barbara Carlson Nathaniel Pryor Reed, a tireless environmental advocate who helped craft the U. Rodgers, shown left, as he watches Jack Nicklaus drop a short putt in the morning round of the U.