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09 Jan

Then in January 2012 the remains of 21 young women between the ages of 15 and 21 were found discarded in a dry stream bed called Arroyo del Navajo, 80 miles southeast of the city in the Juárez Valley.The site where the remains were found is so rugged the detectives had to use all-terrain vehicles to reach it.Witnesses described a grocery store with no merchandise, a shoe store with no customers, a modeling agency with no furniture.

Download Chrome (Made by Google)Update Internet Explorer (Made by Microsoft) Lower Rio Grande Adjudication State of New Mexico ex rel, Office of the State Engineer v.The gang leaders in question—Jesús Damián Pérez Ortega (alias El Patachú), and Pedro Payán Gloria (alias El Pifas)—were free to enter and exit the state prison “to cool off when things got hot.”He said “El Pifas” was also the gang’s intermediary with Mexican soldiers stationed beyond the city limits: Q.To clarify, why did this man you call El Pifas, why was he in communication with soldiers? Because it was another point where women were kidnapped from, sometimes they asked to keep them a day or two for pleasure, if you will, or to hold the girls, it was also a point where the women were held en route to being transported to the United States or wherever it was they were being taken to.With so much vigilance they must have seen the girls being transported around the city, and out of the city.The mothers want answers for why nothing was done to stop it.”What’s more, according to numerous witnesses at trial, many of the young women who were murdered had been prostituted at a brothel no more than a few blocks from a police precinct headquarters.Numerous witnesses have testified the defendants operated a kidnapping ring in plain sight in downtown Juárez from 2008 to at least 2011.They are accused of terrorizing girls between the ages of 15 and 21 born to humble families, coercing them into prostitution, and disposing of them as they pleased.The news magazine Proceso reports 727 such disappearances between 20, and many more such crimes date at least as far back as the early 1990s.Altogether 158 witnesses have testified in this case so far.A protected witness identified in court by the initials KDM was a female employee of the grocery store.She said while she was employed there she frequently saw municipal and federal police enter through a side entrance.“On public transportation, in jails, hotels, businesses—how could this be happening downtown and not be seen?