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The three ministers—Marty Sherman, Tim Coe, and David Coe—drove with Ensign to a Fed Ex station, and watched as he slipped the letter into the drop-box.Hearing of this weeks later, the men at Coburn’s table were astonished.Spiritual issues and the most intimate personal matters were discussed, with the assurance of absolute confidentiality.Coburn, the senior man in the house, enjoyed these sessions, but at dinner that Tuesday night in 2008 he was plainly troubled. “Guys,” he said, “we’ve got a problem in the house.”One day some weeks earlier, Coburn said, he had learned that John Ensign, who was married, was having an affair with Cynthia Hampton, the wife of one of his aides, Doug Hampton, and there had been an immediate intervention that same day.

A year after that midnight confrontation, word of Ensign’s affair had not leaked, and Ensign and his wife, Darlene, had reconciled.

The regulars at the dinner included the nine men who lived at the house, along with half a dozen colleagues and friends who were non-residents.

Every Tuesday evening, they would convene in the first-floor living room of the C Street house, a large space furnished with a long leather sofa and stuffed chairs.

A bookshelf was filled with political biographies and James Patterson novels, and paintings of hunting scenes and sailing vessels hung on the walls, suggesting the atmosphere of a men’s club, or, as Coburn put it, a fraternity house.

(Some of the private bedrooms upstairs, including his, were usually in a state of collegiate disarray.) After some small talk and friendly ribbing, the group broke up, and the men took their places in two narrow, adjoining dining rooms down the hall.