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If you encounter questions you are unable to answer, please contact the EXCEL Office at 314-392-2203.Once you have registered, maintain a file for your dual credit course(s) including the following: Your copy of the registration form, the course syllabus, grade reports, and samples of your best work. Many universities will accept only transferred courses with a grade of “C” or above. By registering for an EXCEL course, you have chosen to pursue a challenging journey into an academic subject that will benefit you in a variety of ways.You have begun the trip toward full-time college study.Students should call their prospective colleges before turning in their EXCEL registration forms.Because EXCEL does not accept late registrations, it is the student’s responsibility to find out if a particular course will transfer to the school of his or her choice before enrolling in the program.When credit is not given for dual credit courses, the following reasons may apply: Because a college or university has recognized EXCEL credit in the past, does not meant that it has a future commitment to do so.

Students dropping a course after the census date will not be eligible for a refund.Most students who have reported the successful transfer of Missouri Baptist University EXCEL credit have received recognition in the form of degree (like) credit, placement in an advanced course, and/or exemption from a similar course at the colleges where they attend.Once you have registered for and completed an EXCEL course, the MBU transcript certifies that you have earned college credit, but it does not automatically guarantee the credit will be accepted at another institution.Courses dropped after 80% of the course has been completed will appear on the transcript with a WF; no refund will be available.If a participating high school chooses to establish a minimum passing grade higher than the university requirement for receiving college credit through the EXCEL program, the school must file a written statement to that effect with the university.The following requirements also apply: Juniors and Seniors *The designated administrator or coordinator lists the GPA on the registration form.NOTE: To enroll in ENGL 113, a student must have an ACT (or equivalent SAT) English score of at least 18.The following entry appears in the Missouri Baptist University catalog: Missouri Baptist University considers all grades earned through EXCEL as university grades.All earned grades will appear on the student’s transcript and will become part of the student’s undergraduate GPA if the student enrolls as a full-time student at Missouri Baptist University.It is up to the school you will attend to decide whether they will accept your credit.If you get an answer you feel is incorrect, it may help to call the Department Chairperson of the academic department for the dual credit course you are wishing to transfer.