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11 Dec

Sometimes you just need to cool down on (or warm up to) a point of contention. Terri Orbuch, a psychologist and researcher at the University of Michigan, found during a 25-year study of married couples that 29% of spouses reported not having enough privacy or time for themselves. The way to ask for space is hugely important, though. Chances are, you probably have a couple friends who rub your significant other the wrong way, too.

Walking into the living room and dropping an “I need space! Experts instead advise you to be specific: say things like “I need some alone time this weekend.” Explain why you need the solo time, so that they’re not left guessing. Better to be tastefully honest (non-judgemental) about their friends and work around that. First, talk with your partner about their friend and tell them how you feel, non-judgmentally.

Instead of taking the “50-50” approach and meticulously dividing tasks, experts recommend the “100-100” approach: everyone is responsible for every chore.

Over time, you’ll naturally figure out which chores matter more to you.

If you have jobs that accommodate it, see if you can meet them for lunch during the week.

If going out is getting old, set up a romantic night together at home.

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Focus on your own perspective, and be empathetic to their responsibilities as a friend.

Be clear that you can tolerate them without making them feel uncomfortable.

If you can’t deal with toothpaste in the sink, but your partner is obsessed with spotless floors, you’ll settle into a routine for who will do each task and when.

But over-planning this process can lead to petty arguments.