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09 Sep

A lot of times when you jerk or walk the frog, the rattle gets in the back of the frog.When the fish takes the frog it doesn't collapse and he never gets the hooks. Much better off spending the extra money and getting a live target, spro, or booyah pad crasher.I fish a lot of different baits, but these are the only things I have they get ATTACKED every time out.From: Comments: This frog is my favorite it beats out most on the market.With that being said these are really easy to use for the beginners. I had another one on me and that one has almost completely lost its finish after only about 3 bass.They catch fish, but so do spro frogs, and I have spro frogs that are going on their 3rd and 4th season and have caught 10 pound laregmouth on them and arn't torn up a bit.But overall not impressed, and will not be buying again.

I have caught fish all over the eastern United States with this awesome lure. The hooks are to low and they are to angled towards the body stock.2) trim the skirt. Trim it so that it is as long as the frog.3) Most importantly, take the rattle out!

From: Comments: These frogs honestly don't look that bad in the water, Just trim the skirt a little. From: Comments: Ive had good success with the frog when and only when I bend the hooks a little bit.

I don't think its a softness issue as much as it doesn't seem to be as thick as the Spro or Ish's phat frog. I'm going to make some modifications to the hook angles, but I don't have to do that with the Bronzeye.

There for intern not collapsing enough and not getting a good hook up ratio. From: Comments: They walk great, look great, cast great, and I get tons of hits.... From: Comments: Hate this frog, plastic is too stiff, can't walk it well, and it just doesn't feel like a quality frog in my hands or on the water.

I have not measured them but just visually it looks smaller in diameter. It works and I've caught fish on it, but I have much more confidence in snag proof, koppers, spro, and jackall.