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30 Aug

My Gram was everything I wanted to be as a person – She was my hero.On behalf of her 14 grandchildren (of whom I am the eldest) I wrote a eulogy to celebrate her amazing life.It seems silly to complain about cooking for a family of four after witnessing Gram cook a Sunday dinner for upwards of 40 people in her little kitchen on Burton Drive.That house became a second home for us and sometimes, even a first.If you wanted to microwave anything, you just passed it through the window into the “new room.” Yes, we still called it the “new room”, even though it had been there for 30 years.On Christmas morning there were so many presents in there that you literally could not walk across the floor.When raising 6 children, 14 grandchildren, and 5 great-grandchildren wasn’t enough of a challenge for her, she began adopting more and more people into the family.

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Of course part of the joy came from a dozen children tearing into new toys – But a lot of it came from Gram, because she loved to watch how happy it made us all. There was perhaps nowhere that her happiness was more evident than at the Cottage.

Geneva on the Lake holds some of the fondest memories for our entire family, and was without a doubt one of Gram’s most favorite places to be.

Somehow, it seems that we still should try because Gram always found the time for us.

It didn’t matter if one of her grandchildren was being bodyslammed, twirling a baton, singing, playing hockey, winning a beauty pageant, or a cheerleading competition – Gram was there.