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14 Oct

Hayley Williams got dressed up for tonight’s album release party in a very 90’s-inspired outfit.

She wears the UNIF Downer Jumper (8.00) layered over a long-sleeve mesh top like the Mesh Sweetheart Crop Top from Arden B (.00) or the Mesh Long-Sleeve Mini Dress from American Apparel (.00).

So, I guess you guys are pretty intimate— BH: The tour hit small venues across the US and also had two Canadian dates. So, I remain you is carter oosterhouse dating are pretty fingered— BH: On Obstacle 28,fixedatzero.

So, I ease you participants are not intimate— BH: On Fail 28,fixedatzero.

(Past Praying For) SIERRA: Yes, it was a great experience!

Hayley Williams posed with a fan in Belgium a few days ago wearing her Charlavail Charcoal Uncoolest Knit Beanie (.00, sold out), her Forever 21 Open-Front Polka Dot Cardigan (.80, sold out), and a white and black Stay Home Club Sad Songs Two Tone Tee (.00).

Hayley Williams wore a Charlavail Be Nice Knit Beanie (.00) in a new instagram picture.

She also owns the “Positive Vibes” beanie (.00).

Same for FBR_TRASH, but I don’t have a Live Journal account. SKOPE: Finally, are you guys excited for the Vans Warped Tour?

SKOPE: So, it’s true that you did not make the posts about people comparing you to Hayley Williams in the Paramore Live Journal community? SIERRA: Doing arena shows would be so amazing, hopefully one day in the future we will have the opportunity to do that. SIERRA: Me and the guys have been thinking about that, and we finally decided on Canada. But no doubt, we love playing here in our home state of Florida. I’m the most clutsy person, so embarassment happens all the times whether it be my mic coming out of my cord, me falling over, burping in the middle of singing, and just saying the totally wrong thing that never should’ve said. SIERRA: SO excited, it’s going to be so fun on our first time doing Warped, and can’t wait to experience the things I’ve heard about it.