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09 Oct

qmail is a modern SMTP server which makes sendmail obsolete, written by Dan Bernstein, who also has a web page for qmail. You can download netqmail 1.06 (Redhat RPMs, and Debian .debs, HP-UX, Gentoo, and Open BSD ports) and redistribute qmail for free. It's also archived at The Aims Group, at Gossamer Threads, and in Mailbox-format archives.

You can get the "big picture" of how qmail is organized. There is a discussion list and an announcements list for qmail users, maintained by Dan Bernstein using qmail, of course. Charles Cazabon has written some guidelines for posting to the list.

We also offer high-availability, clustering, redundancy, load balancing (layer 4 switching, round-robin dns) and failover services for medium/large ISP's.

We also support migration from Windows/Unix platforms to any Unix platform (Free BSD, Open BSD, Linux, Solaris, others) Call 209.639.2989 Black Mesh provides a full range of qmail services, from consulting to shared qmail servers and dedicated qmail servers.

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Andrew Richards is a qmail solutions specialist: Straightforward support, consultancy, maintenance and troubleshooting services for qmail and related systems. G-Tech Consulting offers high-quality services and support contracts at the lowest prices.

The Unix Client-Server TCP package makes ordinary Unix programs into TCP/IP servers and/or clients.

In particular its tcpserver program should be used with qmail instead of inetd.

Located in Canada, 24/7 support contracts also available.

Advanced Consulting Group - Los Angeles based Qmail installation and support. Erwin Hoffmann was supposed to give a German-language QMAIL presentation at a congress of the German Unix User Group (GUUG) (