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07 Mar

Under the vpn you are anonymous and can access any site you want staying absolutely safe, secure and anonymous.

If you use VPN all your programs and tools go though VPN tunnel VPN can be used on PC, Mac, i Phone, i Pad, i Pod touch, xbox, PS3, roku, and any other device that supports VPN technology.

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Today over 90% of Qatar citizens are using Internet.The second method that can help you to unblock websites in using https instead of http when you are trying to surf some website.Pros and Cons of using https instead of http to open blocked site this is free- Works only for some sites- Cannot help in many cases Another way to unblock sites in countries with Internet filtering in using Browser extension.VPN is usually the fastest, safest and the most reliable solution that works in 99.99% of cases.You can use VPN on different devices like computers, planshets, tablets, smartphones.Some religious concerned websites Privacy and circumvention tools are restricted in Qatar.Besides that a lot of non-obscene or non-offensive Web sites are also blocked in the country.If you are located in Qatar and connect to Internet using one of country’s Internet service providers you get Qatar IP address and all restrictions work for you.In case you can hide your real IP address you can avoid censorship.Proxy can only mask your IP address while VPN (see below) not only hides real IP but also encrypts all the traffic sent via VPN tunnel.Communication between two computers (shown in grey) connected through a third computer (shown in red) acting as a proxy.