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16 Sep

I still have not had a response from Snap-on or my tool replaced.I am sorry that the Regular Jobber’s wife is seriously ill, and understand that a substitute has much to learn; however, I do believe that from November 20th until February 5th is adequate time to have my tool replaced or at least communicate with me.Snap-on is manufacturer, designer, and marketer of tools and equipment that are marketed to professional tool users.Snap-on was founded as The Snap-on Wrench Company in 1920 by Joseph Johnson and William Seidemann.There is a time and place for it and this is not one of them. I do onsite catering and I would like to extened my catering service to you this summer. Antonio Lewis 847-800-9585 Reply Currently James Godwin is the Snap-On franchisee that comes to my location. I work a large company and he is suppose to come to each of the departments. Find out from other departments that he has been sharing my credit information with them and my payment amount, along with other personal information. Nor James Godwin or any other Company for that matter are allowed to share any personal information on any of his customers.Cannot get him to come to my department, cannot get an ETA on my parts that need repaired/replaced, and cannot stop sharing personal information on his customers.

Until I started dealing with James Godwin, I never had any issues. Telling me I don’t current use truck credit, so he doesn’t have to come to me for payment. Funny been paying my bills for years with all other Snap-on trucks . I am a very good customer and do not deserve to be treated the way I am with this company.The do not care if the franchisee goes under ,as long as he has purchased enough stock to make the figures to keep the franchisor happy.!!!!! The kit was a gift from my deceased twin brother, in the 70’s. Unfortunately, the handle on the nut driver crumbled when I attempted to use it, around the first of November 2015.Then if you do not sell product and collect enough money to show you are servicing the customers,you are again treated like S*##T and told that you are no good for the business and are asked to leave. I have always heard that Snap-on had excellent warranty on all their products. They both looked at the nut driver and handle and told me to give them three (3) weeks. I went to the NAPA Store about AM, the appointed time, and waited (but no show).By the way, do not get sick or take time off or once again you are no good for the business.!!!! So, I saw the Snap-on truck stopped at the NAPA Store in Milledgeville, Georgia. Finally, I gave a NAPA employee a note for the Snap-on employee or substitute with my name, phone number, and a reminder of the damaged tool that I wanted replaced.I could add more ,but what is the point ,no one is going to listen or read this or reply to this . They never called, and the next time I went to town, the NAPA employee said the substitute told him that he did not know anything about it My next strategy was to go to my mechanic, David Dixon (Brown’s Body Shop) on Hwy. He talked with them about my nut driver and they knew nothing about it. fit=346,281" class="alignleft size-full wp-image-7296" src="https://i1com/ resize=346,281" alt="Snap-On Tools" width="346" height="281" srcset="https://i1com/ However, others contend that major problems with the viability of the franchise opportunity and the franchisor’s attitude toward its franchise owners still persist. resize=300,244 300w" sizes="(max-width: 346px) 100vw, 346px" data-recalc-dims="1" /According to the Snap-on FDD “This complaint set forth various alleged deceptive practices, sought to represent a class for current and former franchisees and independent dealers, sought injunctive relief, and contained counts for alleged violation of RICO, state statutes prohibiting deceptive trade practices, deceptive franchise practices and consumer fraud, common law fraud, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty and breach of implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing.” According to some, the franchise litigation forced Snap-on to address and fix the problems with its franchises, and become a better company.Good luck to those who have James Godwin and their Snap-On provider.I hope your personal information doesn’t get shared to others.thank you Reply I have been searching for an email address to get ahold of somebody about an invention that I have patent that would be awesome for Snap-on or anybody actually that is a mechanic diesel mechanic tractor mechanic anything like that but I can’t find an email address Reply I am a long time snap-on tools customer around 22 yrs roughly, I have never had a complaint about snap-on till I came to colorado springs, I am very upset that nick thomas is the dealer that is supposed to service us, I have broken and tools missing and would like to replace them, i have called customer service for all the good that did, still havent seen the dealer, and dont really want nick thomas back period, just send us some one else, someone who wants customers, who will take care of us.We cant buy tools if nobody shows up, does snap-on tools have so many customers that they cant take on and service a few more?