Social network cms dating Chataunt

29 Dec

Yes, support service can be purchased for /month.Yes, You can install it on any location on your server.For each case of servers, we need to analyze to optimize if it problem happened.You will receive your download information very shortly after purchase.. In fact, we never see or store your billing information on our servers.Each license includes a 12 months update subscription.You can renew your update subscription for a minimal cost. Yes, you can do whatever modifications that you wish. Unlike other prodducts, we do not force you to have our branding on your site Yes, we do provide custom theme & development service.

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We do offer an upgrade installation service, the cost of the upgrading service will depend on how many hours we need to spend to re-apply any customizations you've made so far.

We ensure mobility to your users through social transactions, repeat engagement, and intermittent, real-time notifications, recurrent checks for notifications and updates, email verification, location-based dating and much more through our solutions.

moo Social is the best social network script to create a niche community or social site.

It can handle multiple languages, scripts and cultural conventions (currency, sorting rules, number and dates formats…) without the need for redesign. It is a perpetual license and you can use our software indefinitely.

Yes, all updates are free to download as long as your software update subscription is active.