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I'm not aware of any specific published information that could be cited to answer these questions for the current season.

I had the impression there is a 3hr prep timeframe until the guests arrive, followed by a suggested 1hr/1hr/1hr service.

Teams' meals are scored out of ten by the judges and the lower scoring team is eliminated.

Prior to the grand final round, four remaining teams compete in a semifinal round.

The Australian show initially had teams of two contestants with pre-existing relationships—from New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, and Western Australia—competing against each other to "transform an ordinary home into an instant restaurant complete with theme and table decorations for one pressure-cooker night." From 2011, the number of competitors grew as teams from Tasmania joined the show.

A team from New Zealand took part only in the third series.

After the team served all three meals to the judges and their opposition, each opposing team must rate the total meal out of ten, then each main judge must rate each of the three courses separately out of ten.

The lowest scoring team will be then at risk of elimination.

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Each episode focuses on one team's day of cooking, setting up their instant restaurant and serving a three-course dinner—entrée, main, and dessert—for the judges and their opposing teams.

Teams could only start cooking three hours before the other teams and judges arrive at their house.

My Kitchen Rules (abbreviated on social media as MKR and stylised on-screen as My Kitchen Rules in sentence case) is an Australian competitive cooking game show broadcast on the Seven Network since 2010.

Celebrity chefs and co-hosts Pete Evans and Manu Feildel have appeared in every series in the show.