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16 Sep

This pressure is very hard to deal with and rightly or wrongly it can be that people turn on each other to vent their frustrations.

Often I see that one partner stays and one goes back to the UK.

Internet dating is just an extension of this – communicating with people online with a view to meeting up with people who sound compatible.

Easy going with good if dry sense of humour my hair is white and I have a small beard. Free thinker, easy going, kind, born and raised in liberty, honest, but finally it's what say the others, I personally don't know and I don't care, life is simple why complicate it, just choose to be happy......

I like classical music, operettas, strum a guitar and an erstwhile fan of Eric Clapton.

It is amazingly green and lush which would surprise many people who don’t know this area of Spain. My first step was to go on an inspection trip to the Torrevieja area.

Honestly for me it was a disappointment, I didn’t find what I was looking for.