Spanish adult camsites

18 Sep

For instance Madrilenos, inhabitants of Madrid, are as likely to enjoy a weekend's camping as are people from Barcelona or Santander or Seville; and while some may take any opportunity they can to head for the coast, the coast is a long way from Madrid, so Madrilenos are more likely to head out in to the Spanish countryside for their weekends.Particularly popular with Madrilenos are campsites in the , the Sistema central to the north and west of Madrid, and the Sistema Ibérico to the northeast and east.Yet even right on the coast, there are some hidden gems, if you know where to look for them.It would be self-defeating to provide here a list of small attractive and uncrowded campsites on the Spanish coast, as to do so could lead very rapidly to their becoming crowded with people looking for uncrowded campsites......But to avoid the worst excesses, and if it's a campsite on the coast that you are definitely looking for, the first rule is to avoid the busiest tourist sectors of the Spanish Mediterranean coast, those sectors close to a motorway or within 40 minutes drive of Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante or Malaga.There are still some smaller reasonably attractive coastal campsites to be found on sections of the Spanish Mediterranean coast between these sometimes hyper-urbanized areas.

There are plenty of attractive small-scale rural campsites all over Spain, and to find them the general rule of thumb is to search anywhere more than five kilometres from the coast.

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