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05 Oct

Launching a business is also brilliant real-world experience and could even cover tuition fees.These practical business ideas require very little start-up capital and are flexible enough to fit around your studies.Some popular topics that are likely to come up are barriers to entry, prototypes, burn rate and competition in the market.While waiting in line, listen to the pitches in front of you, gauge the facial reactions of the VC, and analyze the opportunity that the entrepreneur before you is presenting.VCs want to know the problem you’re solving for your customer, your competitive advantage, how you make money, any traction that you’ve gained in the marketplace and what you’re looking for (resources, capital, etc.), among other things.

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If you’re lucky enough to have two and a half minutes, like I was, be prepared to lay out all the most important parts of your venture in the first minute.Finally, look for common ground between the VC and yourself that can help make you memorable.Review their Linked In and other online profiles to see where they went to college or graduate school, and see what other companies they have worked with.Write down any specific notes on the VC’s business card, which you will be able to touch upon in a later email or phone call.If there is a networking or cocktail reception following the session, stay for a bit, as there may be an opportunity to make a second contact.Never be rude or pushy, as the VC community is a small one — a single bad review from one VC may damage your chances of working with others.Kevin Tighe II currently resides in Los Angeles where he serves as the Chief Marketing Officer at Verifico, the leading marketplace for consumers to securely connect and conduct transactions with verified independent financial professionals.Having said that, they are not paid-by-the-hour jobs disguised as businesses.They are all scalable, meaning you can grow revenue with minimal cost and time commitment.Before the pitch session, come up with a list of questions that you would expect a VC to ask and figure out your answers.If you present your pitch right, you will be able to lead the VC into asking questions about key points you touched upon.