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01 Mar

The five-episode series, which debuts Wednesday at a.m., will be available on Facebook’s new Watch platform, which will soon be home to dozens of original shows created by media companies and other content creators.

In the trailer below, the couples can be seen awkwardly getting used to the VR headsets and haptic gear as they walk, talk and dance in virtual worlds.

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Your image is carefully curated, your copy is finely tuned, and your targeting is carefully calibrated. While your ads are “pending review,” anything can happen.The Buddy Up Program aims to create friendships between young adults with and without disabilities. Training will be offered for all those that would like to participate. On Wednesday, Condé Nast Entertainment is releasing the first episode of a VR dating show called Virtually Dating, a series that pairs up real people on blind dates in VR to see if their VR personalities make for a real-life match.Finally, remember that since the review process is human based, it’s also subjective.The same ad might be approved by someone and not approved by someone else. Takeaway: If you think your ad is fine, you can try to republish it.You will be individually matched for mini one-on-one dates and mingle with everyone in the room during the second half of the night.Register with a friend of the opposite sex and get an extra drink ticket.The scenes are plenty different than your average coffee shop, bar or romantic helicopter ride.In the first episode, a man and a woman meet in VR outer space.Analyzing some random accounts on Ad Espresso, we often saw that the review time decreased the longer you’ve been advertising on Facebook.If you’ve been at this for a while, you may see some ads immediately approved and later disapproved.