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21 Feb

That didn't really bother Mia, since Josh's personality more than made up for it.Still, he wasn't her usual "type" — the type that was much younger than her, plus athletic and handsome to boot.Wouldn't we expect these changing relationship mores to make a dent in the mating preferences of straight men and women?Or are we still at the mercy of our biological destiny, as evolutionary psychologists claim?

The more gender-unequal men's personal attitudes, the more they prefer qualities in women such as youth and attractiveness; and the more gender-unequal women's attitudes, the more they prefer qualities in men such as money and status.

My hunch is that women's and men's choices might never completely converge.

The key difference is likely to come down to the demands of breastfeeding following the birth of a child — an activity that's energy-intensive, time-consuming, and quite difficult to integrate with paid work, at least as work is currently structured.

Of course, sexism varies within each society, and a nation's overall level of gender-equality doesn't necessarily translate to gender-equal attitudes among individuals.

But if mating preferences are biologically predetermined, individual sexism shouldn't have an impact.