Srilankan dating girls

15 Jan

I am a European woman married to a Sri Lankan 'man/boy/king' ha 😐 in their Mother's eyes!

A few words of warning for any other women thinking of marrying a Sri Lankan. I worked very hard to bring my husband to Europe and now I think why?

His main goal is to build a home in Sri Lanka for his family and saves every penny for this purpose.

As I said a word of warning think before you take that path.

But I do concede that marrying into a culture where gender equality lags is certainly a risky endeavor, particularly if you are unwilling to break the tie of marriage when things don't turn out as expected.We are still together but it can be hard and very very frustrating.So, you are annoyed that he is showing a prejudice about western women? Your grievances with his behavior are fair, but you shouldn't use it to draw conclusions about an entire culture.It is just something for people to consider when marrying into such a different culture.In terms of gender equality Sri Lanka is about 100 years behind Europe.Whatever your choice, I do sincerely wish you all the best.Despite our warnings, if you're not in love, you're probably searching for it (or some variant of it - co-dependency? If you share family members, please don't pursue it. People who ordinarily wouldn't consider you a catch will be a tad bit extra vulnerable due to the hoards of relatives asking them when they're next, and a tiny, small part of them will wonder why their glue-sniffing mouth breather of a cousin is married when they're not. Chances are there will mostly only be expats, foreigners, or backpacking tourists on.I am anything but prejudiced, I have first hand experience of my marriage and seen many others having lived in Sri Lanka. Just a word of warning and that is all I will say on the matter.[ Edit: Edited on 05-Nov-2015, at by malbec ] I clearly have no experience being married to a Sri Lankan, but conversely you only have experience being married to one Sri Lankan. We started with a quick poll at YAMU HQ, a cumulation of people's current or most significant former relationships and how they met. So basically, if you're new to the city, you're going to end up alone. Everyone met their ispecial someone through a friend, a cousin, or just had lots of common accquaintances.