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14 Oct

By far the best longitivity even though it is not my signature scent. I'm on a frag mission since my two favourite perfumes of all time have been discontinued (Womanity and Shalimar Parfum Initial, sob) so I need something I can wear on the reg and feel resplendent in.Very safe to wear and I just don't seem to get bored of it. I've tried lots of very upmarket and quite a few downmarket frags recently trying to find 'the one' with no luck.

I didn't check the notes ahead of time, hoping that I'd be able to pick them up on my own.

I never got vanilla on my skin with this, for some reason. I smelled like a high-powered woman with a penthouse office in London or Manhattan. Not that I'd become nose-blind, but rather there was no longer a detectable scent by *anyone*.

My full size bottle lasted a long time, and I could get a good eight hours of wear each time I sprayed myself. It was like my p H had changed, somehow, and now my skin no longer liked Burberry Brit.

Lots of lovely perfumes, but nothing with an edge, a bite. Burberry Brit is shouty, tangy lime all up top - brash, almost too much. Then, she turns on you, becoming all rich, sugared almonds and deep, serious vanilla.

It comes in wafts of real vanilla with a catch of that citrus, which is reminding me somewhat of Shalimar Parfum Initial, but at a tangent.