States mandating autism insurance coverage

23 Dec

Centers for Disease Control, one in every 88 children in the United States has autism.But the specifics in the mandates vary significantly from one state to another.There has been a paper that showed that 60 percent of higher functioning children can lose their diagnosis by age 8.The recovery rate is increasing; we’re seeing it here all the time.” Some children require intensive ABA services, up to 40 hours per week, and this may go on for years. Louisiana cuts off ABA at age 16 and caps lifetime expenditures at 4,000.

Advocacy organizations are making headway in state legislatures to expand mandated private health insurance coverage for autism services.

In July, Louisiana and Pennsylvania passed legislation that guarantees specific services for children with autism.

Mandatory coverage is being sought in many states, driven by coalitions of autism groups striving to secure treatment for the growing number of people with this condition.

The two new laws mimic model legislation from Autism Speaks, one of the largest advocacy organizations.

The key service mandated in both states is applied behavior analysis (ABA).