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22 Jan

I was elected by the vast majority of the American people — Steve Bannon: Actually, you lost the popular vote. Donald Trump: I’m not a dictator, but I very much admire dictators. Don’t you mean — Donald Trump: Right, metabolically. Before we get to tonight’s Big Choice, I just want to make sure that our contestant is happy with our selection tonight. Dictator number one is famous for all those great photos of him shirtless in the wilderness — riding horses, shooting bears, and threatening Ukrainians. Confidential tip: he’s already been out on a date with our contestant and it went really well! Dictator number three was born in 1985, so he’s the puppy of the bunch. You’ve already given us a big gift by forcing countries to boycott Iranian oil, which drives up prices and our exports. He loves killing members of his own family, maintaining absolute control over the political realm, and playing hide-and-seek with nuclear weapons. Steve Bannon: Glad to see that we share the same working definition of “democratic,” Chairman Kim. We need the religious crazies on our side, but we need them on a leash. In fact I want more centralization of power – in my own hands!

He’s the adorable third-ever leader of his country. Steve Bannon: The bigger the warts, the bigger the love! In Helsinki, let’s go big or go home, as you Americans like to say. We get Crimea and Syria, you get a copy of a certain DVD, a whisper in the ears of our Iranian friends to stay away from the Israeli border, and our promise to lay off the Baltic States. You can’t just grab ‘em by the nukes and do whatever you want with them. Donald Trump: Dictator Number Three, I hear people calling you a big reformer. On the really important matters, you and I, we see eye to eye: we hate Iran, we love money, and we pretend that nebbish Jared Kushner is a lot smarter than he really is.

Donald Trump: Oh, it will eventually end up in my pocket one way or another. We’ve determined that our contestant clearly prefers dictators over democrats, and in today’s culture we must respect a person’s sexual preferences. President, which of these three strong, mysterious men will you take along with you on a dream weekend of guy talk, fast food, and strategizing world domination? We know that our contestant feels most at home in his own properties.

Steve Bannon: Don’t you mean that she owes the United States a trillion dollars? Steve Bannon: That’s our due diligence part of the show. We’re sending you for a weekend extravaganza to…Trump International Golf Club in Dubai!

Steve Bannon: Now let me tell you about the fantastic package we have for you two besties.

Donald Trump: See, some of my best friends are Muslims!