Sweet dating stories

05 Mar

The next night I took Tom to dinner at a cute Italian restaurant in Surry Hills, and thinking I should be prepared, I picked up some on my way to dinner and put them in my jacket pocket.Toward the end of the night Tom asked to try my jacket on and I'd forgotten what I had stashed in the pockets, until he put his hands in them and fished out a packet of condoms!What stood out was not only that he’s crazy handsome, but he also had a refreshingly warm and non-pretentious picture and profile.

We kept dating for about six months, at which point I was meant to move overseas, but a big part of me didn't want to leave Alex.R: One Saturday morning I asked what she was doing that night, and when she said she had to work I assumed it was at a bar (and that I could swing by). From there we chatted as friends almost every day on Facebook, but then didn't meet up for ages. I asked her to hang out a few times but she kept having to cancel or was busy.But then she said “Well it’s kind of embarrassing, but I actually host speed dating! Eventually, she said there was a movie with Geoffrey Rush that she wanted to see, so I suggested we go see it together and then to a Japanese restaurant.I ended up getting a great job here, and at the end of last year I moved back to Newcastle from Sydney (where I'd been for 11 years) to be with him.We've been overseas together a couple of times and are about to launch my swimwear label as business partners—so I'd say it was worth it!Because of my sobriety things took a little while to kick off after that first date, but we kept chatting and eventually met again a few weeks later... NICOLE: I was on Tinder for a while on holidays overseas, but once I got back to my home town of Newcastle I really didn't want to turn it on because I knew I would know everyone! I'd seen him out before and thought he was a looker (you could say I had a little crush on him), so when he Super Liked me back I was pretty happy!at which point it kind of snowballed and we became completely besotted! He initiated the conversation but after that, there wasn't much chat.Nice to meet you," loudly enough for everyone around us to know we were on a blind date! By the time we said goodbye to each other—at 8pm the next day—we were both doing a terrible job of not being too smitten.The day after that he left for two weeks of working in India, but he got in touch on Facebook a few days into his trip…With everything from chance meetings to long-distance love, deviated septums to LOL-worthy condom stories, these are six such meet-cute tales. LUISA: When I was 22, my full-time job was paying miserably, so for some extra cash—and much to the amusement of my friends and family—I worked as a speed dating host.One Saturday night I was hosting an event in Surry Hills for over-40s, but a few people didn't show up, and I didn't want to face a room of people to tell them we had to cancel.