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24 Oct

Once again, both players on each team gave individual numerical answers to make one averaged answer.

However, each question was worth money for the team who was the closest, and the second-closest team won a smaller amount of money.

The team with the most money won the game and played one last question called the "Brainteaser". In case if two or all three players tied for the lead, they automatically go to the "Brainteaser".

Rich De Michele was producer while Gary Jonke was the writer.

The status of the NBC version is unknown and largely believed to have been destroyed due to network practices of the era, with the videotapes wiped and re-used.

However, two episodes are held by private collectors.

If the game ended in a tie, the tied teams both competed in the Brainteaser with the winners of that question receiving the grand prize.

Many episodes featured a guest celebrity that came on to either perform a task related to a question or for a question related to their work.